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Statin (Lipex, Zocor, Lipitor) PGx

Statins are a group of drugs that reduce serum cholesterol and are used in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. They are an effective class of drug and play an important role in preventative medicine in those with established coronary artery disease. For a small minority of individuals (i.e. <1% of the population) statins will cause adverse reactions such as muscle weakness/pain (myopathy) or worse destruction of muscle (rhabdomyolysis). Sixty percent of these reactions can be explained by a single genetic variant in a liver transporter gene (1). This variant is present in 15% of the population. This test provides a personalised dose recommendation tailored to your risk of developing muscle side effects. Genetic testing for statins has been shown to improve confidence in taking this medication.

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1 The SEARCH collaborative group. N Engl J Med. 2008 Aug 21;359(8):789-99.



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Statin Genetic Test