A Biobank is a resource that contains biological material, such as DNA samples, and personal information (data) on a large number of people. This resource/biobank has two main aims. The first aim is to gain a better understanding of the interactions between genes, environment and the way we live that influence health or cause diseases. The second aim is to use this understanding to develop new drugs, genetic tests and treatments and to plan public health strategies that will benefit everyone.


Taking part involves you giving a broad consent. This means that you consent for your personal information and samples to be used for a variety of medical research purposes. Also, your personal data held in the Biobank will be regularly updated by being linked to your electronic medical record and other sources of administrative health information. As new information is learned your clinical records will be revised to your benefit. This information will be available when you next attend hospital or your family doctor. This may also include contacting you about newly available treatments. If, after reading the accompanying information pamphlet, you are unhappy about either of these aspects, you should not take part.

Our Biobank is under development at the NZ Institute of Clinical Excellence at North Shore hospital. Download the Biobank brochure here.


If you have questions please contact us using the email address or phone number on this brochure. This Biobank will be overseen by a Governance group, which includes doctors, ethicists and members of the community.


We are actively seeking collaborators for our Biobank.