For Clinicians

A Theranostic is a therapeutic diagnostic which enhances treatment decisions by providing information to clinicians and their patients. Theranostics often take the form of genetic tests but can include protein or metabolite biomarkers. At present our tests are not funded by Pharmac or other government payers and are available only as direct-to-consumer tests. We suggest that you recommend to your patients that they access these tests if you believe they will improve patient care. Review case reports here.

Medical knowledge is growing exponentially and it is not possible to keep abreast of developments in every field in medicine. Theranostics (NZ) aims to assist busy clinicians by reviewing the literature and providing evidence based diagnostic tests that aid in making treatment decisions. We have a rigorous screening process for new diagnostic tests which must pass a number of stringent criteria.

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By ordering our tests your will be supporting our innovative research programme. We aim to develop tools that will provide diagnostic capabilities for conditions that have not previously had a blood or tissue based biomarker test. Our tests will also improve screening and early detection programmes by enhancing the sensitivity and specificity of current diagnostic tests.

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We are passionate about New Zealand’s knowledge economy and supporting us will provide jobs and create knowledge growth. Read the translational criteria we apply to the evidence, in support of our current diagnostics portfolio:

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