Theranostics is committed to providing you with a genetic testing and interpretation service. Our laboratory works in partnership with Ascot Cardiology and North Shore hospital.Theranostics offers you access to a web-based interface to help you interpret and review genetic information. We are committed to providing you a secure, user-controlled environment to access, share, and explore your genetic information. At the same time, you share some responsibility for maintaining privacy and security, like keeping your password secure.

We follow the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 and wish to maintain a high level of openness and clarity of purpose. You have rights over your health information and can ask for access to your information or for it to be deleted at any time. Theranostics Lab has an obligation to store your sensitive health information securely, inform you of its use and purpose, and maintain confidentiality.

At present Theranostics does not store your genetic information in a database, but in the future we hope to provide you with a comprehensive DNA storage solution which will allow us to update you with new developments. This Biobank will be maintained by the NZ Insitute for Clinical Excellence at North Shore hospital. Samples stored in this database will have a unique identifier (i.e. using your name) however with your consent we would like to link this information with health outcomes retrieved from the National New Zealand Healthcare Information Service. This information will allow us to grow our range of tests and refine our risk profiles aiding you and your doctor in making better decisions related to your health. 

At any time you can ask for your DNA to be removed from the database and returned to you or destroyed. You can request that your sample be destroyed with an appropriate karakia/blessing from the Waitemata District Health Board, He Kamaka Waiora (Maori Health Team). 

The information stored in our database will not be sold or transferred to third parties without your consent and that information will not include details identifying you. Information will not be released to health insurers or your employer. It is your decision whether you would like to release this information to your doctor. If your doctor orders a test on your behalf it will become part of a permanent medical record which can be accessed by an insuring agent if you apply for insurance coverage. Your information and DNA will not be released to third parties, including the Police, unless under court order.

For more detailed information about your rights, a copy of the Health Information Privacy Code (with explanatory commentary) is available for free download from the Privacy Commissioner’s website at, as is On the Record: a Practical Guide to Health Information Privacy. For any further information about your information or having it removed from our database please contact us at Theranostics Lab at or 0508 (GENOME).


  • Secure Details: Internet security is important to us.  We will ensure your credit card details and personal information are safe. We will not sell, trade or give your personal information that you supply to us to third parties without your consent. Your genetic results are your personal information and will be kept private and confidential. In the future we may ask for your consent to store your genetic material and information to link to health outcomes to enhance the results we return to you
  • We use the following data services to store your health information electronically. Data sent to these databases will be encrypted before synchronisation and have minimal identifiable data on you. By consenting to your information being stored you agree to the use of these databases.
    • Dropbox. Click here for their Privacy Policy.
    • Evernote. Click here for their Privacy Policy
  • The following medical records systems will be used to store your information locally at the MacMurray Hypertension clinic, if you are seen as a private patient or within the District Health Board electronic health record if you are seen in the public system.
  • Credit Card Transactions: All your transactions are completed with the security provided by the highest level encryption servers available.  Your credit card details are guarded by technology that is secure so you can order with confidence.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: If for any reason you do not feel safe entering your credit card information on our site, please feel free to fax, mail or post your order to us.
  • Secure Account: We use every means available to protect your sensitive information – that’s why when you initially order from us, you will need to register as a customer by opening an account.


  • Quick delivery: We aim to despatch and deliver your order to you within 72 hours.
  • Delivery Method and Labelling: Your test kit  will be delivered to your door via mail or if an international delivery via New Zealand Post International Air. You must label your test swab with your personal details. A self addressed package will allow you to return your DNA swab. 
  • Genetic Test Result Notification: We will notify you by standard unencrypted email when your test result is available.
  • Result Turnaround Times: We aim to deliver a test result within 14 days for orders within New Zealand and 30 days for international orders.


We will provide a refund if your test kit becomes lost in the post


We will report credit card fraud to the relevant authorities of any attempted fraudulent order.


We will only accept overseas orders from New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the USA.